Cyber Security Solutions Focused On Healthcare

As Cyber Security has moved from an IT problem to a board room priority, Ethical Intruder has become an important partner to protect organizations from financial or reputation loss. Today’s Healthcare organizations require a business-driven plan, driven by the uniqueness of their organization to address the security concerns of patients, partners, clients, regulators, researchers and investors.

A large core of our customers come from HeathcareIT and Life Sciences including Hospitals, State Departments of Health, Healthcare Product Companies, Medical Device and Life Science Companies. We can assist with your partner requirements for a vulnerability test, a product architectural review or the need to examine controls that protect against Healthcare IT related industrial espionage.

From building Cyber Security roadmaps to meet HIPAA or HITRUST requirements, training your users to not fall prey to phishing attacks, or performing vulnerability and penetration testing, our services will help to assure that your intellectual property, drug formulas, research, device specifications, clinical trial and patient records all stay secure.

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How We Engage

Service offerings for Cyber Security have traditionally been consumed with one off projects. With increased focus on cyber security as a major business risk, the need for alternative delivery approaches has emerged.

Now Ethical Intruder offers two engagement models to meet our ongoing client requirements.

Project Based

Isolated projects when business needs arise or there is a specific partner, customer or compliance requirement.

Services Based

Flexible on-going subscription based programs that combine our Business, Technology and End User initiatives at a fraction of the cost of one in-house security team member.