User Awareness Training

Phishing and ransomware have become an increasingly significant vector of attack for malicious intruders. One of the main reasons is that IT and security departments have been preparing to defend against cyber-attacks for years, while the average user has little experience defending against or identify malicious threats. Social engineering is an attack that preys on the trust users typically have online. This trust is combined with a user’s lack of awareness about the effects a single action can have on business systems.

Ethical Intruder Phishing and Social Engineering programs include evaluations with custom created templates that simulate real life attacks. The evaluation will help you identify users susceptible to clicking on links, downloading information or providing critical information such as system credentials. Learning to avoid poorly written and non-relevant e-mails is important, yet Ethical Intruder takes a more proactive approach to simulate sophisticated attacks designed to mislead and maximize the attacker’s results. To prepare for our evaluations, Ethical Intruder prepares several templates for each customer based on their industry and employee makeup to target your employees in ways an actual malicious intruder would target your company.

After gaining the insight of how users respond, Ethical Intruder works with your organization to pick automated training options that best fit your users. These awareness offerings are received online and tracked to help show management who is following up and how well they are learning. Options for follow-up programs include interactive quizzes, games and straight educational components. Ethical Intruder also includes our own social engineering and phishing awareness video that can be used as often as you would like with your team and is a great tool for the onboarding process of new employees.

Watch Our Video: Ethical Intruder Social Engineering Awareness

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How We Engage

Service offerings for Cyber Security or Compliance Programs have traditionally been consumed with one off projects. With increased focus on cyber security as a major business risk, the need for alternative delivery approaches has emerged.

Now Ethical Intruder offers two engagement models to meet our ongoing client requirements.

Project Based

Isolated projects when business needs arise or there is a specific partner, customer or compliance requirement.

Services Based

Flexible on-going subscription based programs that combine our Compliance, Technology and End User initiatives at a fraction of the cost of one in-house security team member.