How We Engage

Project Based Engagements

Ethical Intruder has been providing project based services for our customers since 2010. Most security companies that focus on Ethical Hacking and other services similar to Ethical Intruder typically engage with individual projects.

The benefit of these individual projects is the ability to meet business, compliance or partner requirements for Cyber Security with a time frame that best suits the customer. This traditional model will always remain for customers who budget yearly to meet specific cyber security goals.

Cyber Security as a Service (Subscription) Engagements

In 2017 our customers began to ask Ethical Intruder how to balance the project based approach they are used to with their increased internal needs to have touchpoints throughout the year. In reaction to these requests, Ethical Intruder has created a Managed Services model that moves the project based approach to an ongoing operational one. The Managed Service (Subscription) model is billed monthly and allows Ethical Intruder and our clients the ability to plan out several activities throughout the year. Ethical Intruder’s Managed Service includes a robust offering of our three core cyber security services focused on business, technology and user models.

In addition, we add the following four program components not offered with the core project based engagements for the duration of your Managed Service engagement.

CISO Concierge – Many Organizations do not have the budget or operational size necessitating a Chief Information Security Officer. To aid organizations with strategy decisions around IT security, we are including our CISO Concierge to provide on-demand assistance and direction as required.

Corporate Social Engineering Program – It has become increasingly important to focus on changing behaviors and instilling corporate culture for your users to fight against malicious intruder attacks. While one off phishing evaluations raise awareness, they do not always instill the behavioral changes needed to prevent users from accidentally enabling a malicious intruder. Ethical Intruders Program is designed to target your organizations weak areas by creating a custom ongoing program that will engage the users to combat threats. We achieve behavioral change through a series of dedicated events as mutually defined between Ethical Intruder and the customer.

Vulnerability Management Program – Monthly scheduled meetings to review your remediation roadmap and assist organizations in prioritizing or executing targeted issues. How each organization prioritizes is based on a mix of business obligations, compliance requirements, severity of vulnerabilities as well as the duration of cost of remediation. Ethical Intruder will work within existing vulnerability management programs established in an organization as an extra set of eyes, or we can create a unique program rights sized for your own business needs.

Threshold Testing – Many vulnerabilities and breaches result from improper patching, updates and configuration of core devices. With the addition of new security products that require configuration expertise, the issue is often compounded. Ethical Intruder threshold testing adds an additional layer of analysis to assure the setting in your core devices and products are returning the results you are counting on.

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Our Services

Ethical Intruder compliments your organization's business, compliance and security obligations by providing a wide range of services to increase the maturity of your program.

Cyber Security & Compliance Roadmaps

A guided roadmap to help increase the maturity of your security program.

Penetration & Vulnerability Testing

Penetration & Vulnerabity Testing to validate your current security posture.

User Awareness Training

Train your employees how to recognize and defend against cyber threats.