Why Choose Us?

Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT issue. It is a business problem and part of corporate risk management. Our focus at Ethical Intruder has always been on protecting your organization from reputation or financial loss associated with a Cyber event.

Our vendor and technology agnostic approach means that our evaluations, assessments and cyber security programs are dedicated to maximizing your existing products, services and technologies that you already have in place today.

Composition of our Intruder teams includes software engineers and product development experts in addition to core network security specialists to better match the background of malicious intruders and hackers.

Flexible delivery models mean scalable offerings independent of your organizations size or IT staff composition.

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Our Services

Ethical Intruder compliments your organization's business, compliance and security obligations by providing a wide range of services to increase the maturity of your program.

Focused On Business

A guided roadmap to help increase the maturity of your security program.

Focused On Technology

Penetration & Vulnerabity Testing to validate your current security posture.

Focused On Users

Train your employees how to recognize and defend against cyber threats.