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Cyber security for many years was only the concern of IT departments. In recent years, it has become clear that the battle to protect against cyber intruders is very much an issue for business executives and the board room. For those on the business end, cyber security is not about bits and bytes, it is about finding ways to protect your organization from reputation or financial loss associated with a Cyber event.

There is a common issue companies face today when it comes to increasing the maturity of the cyber security program. They know they need to act to ensure protection for the organization, yet many times they simply do not know where to begin. There are so many areas of business involved in a good cyber security plan including compliance, policies, training, technology choices, incident response, cyber liability insurance and legal contracts to name a few. Many companies do not know how cyber security fits into their budget and most of all how a program will benefit and protect them against cyber threats.

To address the growing industry concern, Ethical Intruder created the Cyber Liability Maturity Model in 2015. The CLMM is an industry unique approach that utilizes a company’s own specific requirements related to business, security and compliance obligations to build a unique cyber security roadmap and play book that is reasonable to achieve and that can move the needle on their cyber security program. The CLMM is a guided assessment through our six security segments. The CLMM can be especially helpful for organizations that are tackling security without internally dedicated security personnel or a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Customer Profile

Each organization is different and they have their own individual requirements when creating a successful cyber security roadmap. A few of the common reasons an organization may choose Ethical Intruders CLMM roadmap offering includes:

  • Companies that are requested by a partner, prospective client or an auditor to verify their cyber security and compliance related readiness. Common requests include the creation of specific security policies, vulnerability management programs or incident response programs.
  • Organizations looking to review and validate their existing security programs, while assuring that the programs are aligned between cross functional areas of the company such as HR, compliance, IT and legal.
  • Companies looking to increase cyber security visibility to a board of directors or investors. Many times an organization requires assistance to not only have a plan, but one that is easily shared in business terms to assure business unit understand the technical risk.
  • Venture Capital organizations that need to perform due diligence during a merger or acquisition. In many cases a review of current policies, compliance to industry standards, user training procedures or even a security assessment of the company to be acquired can make a big difference in the outcome of the merger.
  • Organizations looking to acquire cyber liability insurance that want to understand how to be prepared to acquire proper insurance, or the insurance organizations looking for a more concise overview of their client’s risk and insurability.

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How We Engage

Service offerings for Cyber Security have traditionally been consumed with one off projects. With increased focus on cyber security as a major business risk, the need for alternative delivery approaches has emerged.

Now Ethical Intruder offers two engagement models to meet our ongoing client requirements.

Project Based

Isolated projects when business needs arise or there is a specific partner, customer or compliance requirement.

Services Based

Flexible on-going subscription based programs that combine our Business, Technology and End User initiatives at a fraction of the cost of one in-house security team member.